Our Story - Creating The Best Healthy Snack Box

Founded by Nick Snow, a healthy food enthusiast for over 10 years, Elevate. Is on a mission to introduce people to a whole new way to snack consciously by delivering the highest quality, best tasting snacks available.

Over the past 10 years, Nick has experimented with all the major food diets, and has searched for clean ingredient, tasty snacks to help keep energy high while conquering a busy schedule. Upon trying a plethora of other healthy snack boxes, Nick was left dissatisfied because the snacks had too many additives and preservatives that he knew were not optimal for the body long-term. It was at this point that he decided to create his own snack box, founding Elevate.

Nick’s main goal was to find the healthiest, pure ingredient snacks, without sacrificing flavor whatsoever. His snack excursions led him to discover that snacks could be labeled healthy and mouthwatering at the same time, and he wanted to share this with others who dreaded dieting or healthy eating because they feared always ending up dissatisfied.

Elevate has been designed to present the absolute highest quality snack boxes available to our customers. No matter what diet plan you’re interested in, we aim to introduce you to some of the best snacks available for that food plan.

Each snack we put in our boxes has been thoroughly tested by our entire team, and approved by a small group of nutritionists before we give our final approval.

We hope you enjoy these snack mixes as much as we do; it has been a true joy creating them!

Happy Snacking!

-The elevate. team